Hey there!

I'm David.  Every one in awhile I decide I'd like to have a website and I make one.  Usually, a couple years after that I decide to trash it and start over, which is what I've done again this go-around.  


Like a lot of other twenty-something, I live in Brooklyn, where I share an apartment with my boyfriend, Ian.  During the week, I commute from there for about an hour and forty minutes each way to lovely Newark, New Jersey, where I'm a housing developer for an awesome not-for-profit organization, ECD. 


On weekends, I try to enjoy New York or visit friends in nearby cities and states.  When I have a little more time, I try to do some real traveling.  I love traveling, which is why I (will) have a page on this site just for that!


I'll be building this site to suit my desires over the next few weeks.  I'm sure that I'm mostly writing for an audience of one (me), but I'll still try to keep it interesting ;-)